On this page your find answers to a wide range of questions about joining the mg4355电子娱乐网址



您的欢迎节日包将包含免费赠品和一个袋子. Take your bag to the Welcome Fairs 而且 Clubs 而且 Societies fairs as there are lots of freebies 而且 information given out at these 事件 that you'll need to carry.


University is different to High School in that you can leave lectures without raising your h而且 而且 making the lecturer aware.

如果您因个人原因需要暂时离开讲座, you can quietly make your way to the door 而且 return to the lecture when you are ready. 


你应该直呼讲师的名字. 他们会在你和他们的第一堂课上介绍自己.



Being independent of your family may mean that you will have additional considerations during your study, 尽管这可能是事实, these should not be seen as a barrier to entering or progressing during your time with us.

We have a range of support available for care leavers which is discussed on our dedicate webpages for '与家人疏远或有护理经验的学生.'



在 受欢迎的节日 period parking on Campus is free for commuiting students. 在这段时间, parking on Campus will require a permit or payment at one of our pay 而且 display carparks. 更多信息可以在mg娱乐网十大网址的专门 停车网页.


当你在大学的时候, you will need to learn how to budget to ensure that you have enough income to cover all your outgoings including Rent, 食物, 账单, 旅游等


mg娱乐网十大网址的 钱建议网页 可以给你一些建议:

  • 如何在大学前和大学期间赚外快
  • 增加收入的方法
  • 如何在食物、学习、旅行、医疗等方面省钱
  • 如何计划你的预算
  • 省钱技巧 
  • 事情,以避免  
  • 如何在大学前和大学期间挣钱 兼职工作

小贴士:通过减少食物浪费,你可以在省钱的同时可持续地生活. 应用程序等 太好了不能去 能帮你在你的地区找到交易吗.


mg娱乐网十大网址全方位的现场餐饮设施列在mg娱乐网十大网址伍斯特Uni食品页面 包括mg娱乐网十大网址的食堂,咖啡店,校园商店和cafés.

If you would like to bring your own food into the University we have microwaves in the canteen that are free for everyone to use.

水 fountains are available across our campuses 而且 it is best to bring a refillable bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. 


伍斯特有很多超市和商店,以便你购买食物. There are also international supermarkets available which stock a variety of specialist foods. 下载mg娱乐网十大网址的应用程序,获取到当地超市的地图和方向.


当你进入大学时,想家是完全正常的. 这可能是你第一次独自闯荡世界, 自己照顾自己,自己洗衣服. 在 受欢迎的节日 而且 moving-in period it is a good idea not to return home unless neccessary. The 受欢迎的节日 而且 moving-in period are a key time for meeting friends 而且 lecturers, 让组织, 找到你周围的路,加入俱乐部和社团. 

如果可以的话,试着加入一些 受欢迎的活动 在校园里装饰你的房间,让它更有家的感觉. 你可以和你的私人导师或联系人聊天 Firstpoint, our student advice service, for more support or why not join one of our regular fancy-a-cuppa 事件.


If you're living in a University managed house or commuting to university from home, 参加俱乐部和社团是结交新朋友的好方法.

加入与 受欢迎的节庆活动 是认识新朋友的好方法吗. 你也可以和你的新同学交朋友. Why not build a study group or group chat at the start of term to speak to others about coursework 而且 lectures?


It is a good idea to wait until you get here to decide whether to purchase certain larger kitchen items. 如果你的公寓里每个人都带一个烤面包机,你就会有五个烤面包机! mg娱乐网十大网址的住宿已经配备了某些物品和 你可以在这里找到住宿的完整列表. 基本的小物品,如餐具或茶巾应该与你一起购买.


校园猫托比非常友好,它是mg娱乐网十大网址一些邻居的宠物. You can often see him walking around 圣约翰大学 而且 occasionally nipping into lectures.




mg娱乐网十大网址的 为大学做准备 webpage details some of the things your student can do to prepare for moving to University. 如果可能的话,温习一下烹饪技巧是个好主意, talk about budgeting 而且 have a safety talk with your student before they move away to University.

You can help your student by creating lists of things they might need to purchase to move into halls, 参加一个 校园之旅 帮他们办理注册手续.


DON'T PANIC, it is very normal for students to feel homesick when they move away to University. Chat to your student on the phone 而且 talk through how they feel, they may just need to vent. 

It's a good idea for students who are living in the University Halls or in University managed housing to try to stay there during the 受欢迎的节日 period. This is really useful for making friends, meeting lecturers 而且 getting a feel for the course. 试着鼓励你的学生参与校园活动. 这可能包括参加 欢迎节2022活动与室友共进晚餐或组织一场电影之夜. 

Remind your student that they can always return home to visit later in a few weeks time 而且 can return for longer over the winter break. 


There are a few things you can help your student with before they move to University. 有必要和他们聊聊这些话题:


There’s a lot of banks to choose from 而且 many have different deals 而且 incentives, 帮助学生对银行账户做出明智的选择. 包括学生贷款和住宿费, 学生银行账户是大学生活的一个重要方面. 


Launderettes, equipped with washers 而且 dryers are located at both St John’s 而且 城市的校园. You can use the machines 24-hours a day 而且 current prices are available in the launderettes. 你的 student will need to download the Circuit 洗衣 App from 谷歌玩 or the Apple 应用程序商店. 首次使用时,用户需要使用电子邮件地址注册并添加资金. Help your student set this up 而且 purchase some washing detergent during your first big shop.


如果有必要,帮助你的学生办一个电视许可证. Only the ensuite extra halls of residence have a Licence covering the communal area. All other halls will require a Licence to watch in the communal areas 而且 your student will need a separate TV Licence to watch in their room. 找到更多的信息 电视许可证交易网站.


Please encourage your student to register with a local GP if they are moving to Worcester. 


与你的学生保持联系,讨论他们可能存在的问题. It might be useful to familiarise yourself with the University Support Systems that they might want to access throughout their studies.

  • Firstpoint  位于皮尔森学习和指导中心 圣约翰大学 并帮助学生在学习期间获得信息和支持.
  • 个人学术导师 面向所有本科生. They are usually one of the people teaching on the student's course 而且 will be a key regular point of contact with the University.
  • 语言中心 can help students to improve their English 而且 foreign language skills 而且 can train them to become a teacher of English as a foreign language (CELTA).
  • 学生会 (SU) is an independent charity, devoted to the educational interests 而且 welfare of students. SU提供代表, 援助, 志愿服务机会, 对大学学生的建议和指导. 



The first part of the academic year is very busy 而且 exciting for students arriving at university for the first time, 而且 in these circumstances it is unlikely that they will be aware of the upset or worry that this may be causing you.

mg娱乐网十大网址建议你保持联系, 向学生解释你的担忧,并要求他们与你联系, 一个特定的时间和另一个家庭成员或朋友联系, 只是想让你知道他们没事.

如果您仍然没有收到您的学生的消息,联系 Firstpoint 他们会发电子邮件和电话鼓励他们联系. 如果你的学生有困难,他们也可以为你提供支持.

如果你的学生允许的话, Firstpoint会联系你,让你知道他们一直在联系你. You can also contact Firstpoint if you are particularly concerned that your student is at risk or may have come to some harm. 他们会认真对待你的关切, 并采取适当的行动, 比如安排一次健康检查,确保你的学生没事, 并鼓励他们与你联系. 请相信,学生的福利是mg娱乐网十大网址的首要任务, 如果他们需要,mg娱乐网十大网址会提供一系列的支持.

What if my student prefers quieter nights in, will they still have opportunities to make friends?

在 受欢迎的节日 there will have lots of opportunities to get to know other students with a range of different activities 而且 classes to attend. Clubs 而且 societies are a good way to make friends 而且 they will probably be able to find at least one that interests them from the wide range available in the 学生’ Union.

mg娱乐网十大网址也在计划电影之夜, “巨人”游戏, 野餐和美食节,帮助学生认识新朋友.

Most students settle 而且 find friends quite quickly but if they do find it a struggle, 他们可以参观mg娱乐网十大网址的 “喜欢一杯茶” 会话. Held in firstpoint throughout the year 而且 every day during the first couple of weeks of each semester, this informal event provides a friendly space to chat with staff as well as a free hot drink, 饼干和水果.

我的学生今天上课,但身体不适,不能进来. 他们应该怎么做?

If they are feeling too unwell to come to class students need to contact the tutors of the classes that they will miss, 以及他们的个人学术导师或学术支持小组. If they do not already have contact details, they can get them from the 工作人员 Directory tab on SOLE. 


有很多人可以帮忙. 如果你的学生对课程内容感到吃力, 建议他们和他们的个人学术导师谈谈. If they need help with more generic study skills, such as referencing or academic writing, the 学习技巧的网站 offers a range of materials that your student may find useful 而且 also has contact details for other staff 而且 services that can help. 这些包括 作家住校 谁提供任何方面的学术写作和 语言中心该学院提供一对一的学术英语支持课程.

Using the library 而且 learning how to reference work are all study skills that students new to university can struggle with. 如果你的学生在找书方面需要帮助, 期刊和在线资源, 蜂巢图书馆的任何工作人员都可以提供帮助. If they have questions about referencing or more complex library enquiries they can contact their subject librarian at askalibrarian@worc.ac.uk 或访问蜂巢3级的帮助台,那里的工作人员会很乐意提供帮助.



您的确认电子邮件将包括您的登录ID和密码进入mg娱乐网十大网址的 学生门户.

When logging in to the 学生门户 for the first time 你会被提示注册 多因素身份验证.

当您登录到学生门户网站时, 选择SOLE (Student On Line Environment),然后点击或点击“Register Now”. mg4355电子娱乐网址注册的更多信息可以在mg娱乐网十大网址专门的注册网页. 你需要上传一张你自己的照片作为学生证. 

If you are having technical problems with the online registration form please contact our Student Records Office on 01905 855 333.

模块选择指导联系01905 542551上的第一点或 firstpoint@worc.ac.uk


I am an international student travelling from overseas to study at the university. 国际学生有什么支持?

国际学生被邀请参加7日的国际入学典礼, 8, 9, 9月期间,您将完成“学习权利”(即时交易系统检查), 领取生物特征居留许可(如有必要), have an opportunity to get over jet lag 而且 begin to address any culture shock you may be experiencing as well as meeting other international students 而且 getting to know Worcester 而且 the UK.  Experience has shown that attending this induction is very valuable 而且 an indicator of future success.  在这段时间, you will meet the International Experience team 而且 learn about the support they can offer during your time at UW.  N.B. 国际护理理学士学生预计于31日抵达st 将于8月1日举行国际入学典礼st 和2nd 9月. 

As an international student you are a member of the university family from the start 而且 have access to all the same excellent academic, 作为家庭学生的情感和实际支持.  然而, mg娱乐网十大网址认识到到英国学习是令人兴奋的, 在一个有不同语言的新国家安顿下来, 食物和货币也会让人望而生畏. The International Experience team is here to help you settle in with a carefully planned International Induction 而且 year long opportunities for social 事件 而且 trips. 请下载 国际学生指导  这是你的入境预订单, your international induction timetable 而且 a wealth of other practical information. mg娱乐网十大网址期待与您见面!



如果您需要帮助选择您的模块,请查看mg娱乐网十大网址的 模块选择信息. We’ll also be hosting some module selection drop-in 会话 in the Peirson 研究 而且 Guidance Centre (St John’s Campus), 如果你到达后需要进一步的指导.


If all of your first year modules are m而且atory you’ll see a summary of your modules. 请审阅这些文件,然后继续注册流程.


Once you’ve completed your module selection our timetabling team are able to create your semester one timetable.  这需要整个大学的协调,所以请容忍mg娱乐网十大网址.

您可以在SOLE上访问您的学习时间表(通过 学生门户).

Through SOLE you’ll also be able to see the welcome 而且 induction schedule for your course.


你的 timetable will have all of the information you need about how long your lectures are. 如果你担心讲座的长度,你应该和你的 个人学术导师 寻找解决方案.


Once you're registered you’ll receive an email from us inviting you to collect your ID card. 领取信用卡的建议日期将根据您的课程而有所不同, 以及你是通勤还是住在大学宿舍.

. 为了领取您的卡,您需要向mg娱乐网十大网址出示您的身份证件, 所以请在那天带上:

  • 原始照片的身份证,例如护照或带照片的驾驶执照
  • 你的 登记证书 -当您完全完成您的网上注册时提供. 你可以带一个打印版本,或者在你的移动设备上展示给mg娱乐网十大网址
  • 星展银行证书 ——如果你的课程需要的话

如果你不能在指定的时间参加, you'll have other opportunities to collect your ID card from firstpoint (in the Peirson 研究 而且 Guidance Centre) throughout the first few weeks of term.




是的,mg娱乐网十大网址使用Eudoroam Wifi.


将您的设备连接到eduroam WiFi并打开浏览器. You should be prompted to enter your University username followed by your password. 请注意,用户名的格式为用户名后跟@uni.worc.ac.uk. 如果登录有问题, you can use the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) to help automatically setup your Wi-Fi connection. 您可以访问mg娱乐网十大网址的IT页面了解更多信息.


mg娱乐网十大网址有很多笔记本电脑和macbook,你可以借两个星期. 如欲使用资讯科技资源预约系统,请浏览以下连结: http://itresources.getconnect2.com/

You will need to collect your device from the IT Desk on the 1st floor at the Peirson 研究 而且 Guidance Centre.



第一次登录您的mg4355电子娱乐网址学生帐户, 你会被提示注册 多因素身份验证 (MFA). 这为您的帐户提供了额外的安全层.

在你完成在线注册之前,你需要注册MFA. 请参阅mg娱乐网十大网址的 多因素认证设置视频 请求注册此服务的帮助. mg娱乐网十大网址建议设置两种独立的身份验证方法, 最安全的是应用程序认证.


If you’re having trouble with 多因素身份验证 (MFA) registration please try the following:
  • 重新启动你的电脑
  • 清除浏览器缓存
  • 将浏览器语言设置更改为英语
  • 直接去 又名./女士mfasetup 启动MFA程序


  • 请致电01905 85 7500周一至周五08:30至17:00
  • 控件记录请求或问题 自助服务门户   

仍有很多问题? mg娱乐网十大网址的SU团队制作了一个视频来帮助你:




记得下载《mg娱乐网十大网址》App 应用程序商店 or 谷歌玩 或者mg娱乐网十大网址的 学生生活指南 如果你是家庭学生. This will tell you about 事件 而且 activities taking place over the Welcome period.

The app will provide you with campus maps 而且 local information such as shops, banks 而且 travel. You'll also find answers to questions often asked by first year students 而且 who to contact for help 而且 advice.